Ju Jutsu

Our Dojo

Our JuJitsu practitioners train in a gym offered by the city of Düren. It is placed in the so called "Rurtal-Gymnasium", a public school.

Neue Turnhalle des Rurtalgymnasiums, Kreuzstraße, D-52351 Düren

Training in a public gym gives us several advantages: E.g. the waming up can be combined with a round of basketball, we can use ropes, crash matts and everything else that is available. Getting our matts on the floor before training is a work that is quickly done.

Let us convince you of the art of JuJitsu and attend some hours of training for free and without any further duties.

Find us

  • Coming over the A4 (highway) between Aachen and Cologne:
    • Take the exit in Düren
    • Turn left afterwards an follow the B56 until you are in Düren - Careful! Speed Controls
    • After passing the bridge over the railways turn right into the "Arnoldsweilerstraße"
    • At the first traffic lights turn left into the "Kreuzstraße"
    • Drive through the "right before left" cross-way
    • look for the second gym on the right side (if you come to the next traffic lights, you are too far)
    • There you are

For further information contact me personally:
michael.gras@gmx.net or use the free service of Google Maps